Light uP The Streets

I've been steady tryna get on my art shit.. like I've been on the MuseumOfModernArts twitter everyday, and I been reading about different artists from our generation.. pretty sick.. the reason for all that will be revealed soon.. but I stumbled on this chick Judith Supine from New York.. I would havata say her work is like a mix between Banksy and Acid lol.. But seriously just as affective and out there as Banksy, but her style and color are soo trippy.. she uses some kind of highlighter paint or some shit, its intense.. I wish I was more knowledgeable with my art vocabulary.. but I'm not soo fucking tite, crazy and trippy will be the best adjective imma be able to throw at you for now.. gotta work on that.. fa sho.. fuck wit it tho.. if your in New York and see her shit somewhere send me the pic for sure.

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