fuck wit it!

if u didnt get that u shuld jus click the fucking red letters... go to www.loschronicles.com .. lmao



I'm all about a good brewski and some Tele action.. lol.. like a sunday night chillin, sippin, relaxin.. a couple tokes too.. man that sounds wonderful.. I guess thats why Supreme just did this collab wit Budweiser, and I must say I fuck wit it!.. lol.. especially that tank, and the duffle bag.. I will havta hit up the homie J.MOney aka Jordan Llavaness aka the Wiseman.. to hook up the goods wen it gets to Supreme.. until then I'll wait with my Venice Beach poncho on.. lol

J-Money says stop.. this shit is too brud! lmao

If You cAN Think It

The world of technology has grown increasingly amazing. but now i think its gettin ridiculous.. lol.. i was kicking it over here at the studio.. shoutout to the HIVE fam.. but yea.. i was posted here at the studio and the bossman Whitty was showing me this video on the future of space research.. and its like these scientists are building telescopes that can see into forever.. its soo intense.. all this is a prelude to the main story.. which has to do with technology that i think almost everyone has on deck.. this fucking iphone app that lets you draw pictures and shit.. well.. an artists by the name of Jorge COlombo, was posted up on times square for a good hour or so, jus doodling his surroundings into his iphone.. what came out was the new front page of the New Yorker... Its so crazy how far times have changed.. i remember wen you could barely draw a fucking square on paint, now people are creating full on art pieces on their phones.. well yea.. thats the pic of the cover at the top.. and below is the vid on how he did it.. super brud stuff..


I'm Back

my childhood was encompassed on the fact.. that I thought I could do anything I saw on tv... lol.. like i wuld try anything BugsBunny or the Animaniacs wuld do.. but to like my sister or my parents or anyone I thought i could put in a sus position.. and now that I look back on old cartoons and see how fucked up they are, really explains a lot about my current state.. lol... they were mind manipulating us from the get go...
please watch this banned episode of tiny tunes.. when all the little niggas get sooo fucking booted on some booze and steal a police car.. hahahah.. yea..


Rich Bitch

I already had my little rant bout the Enlgish monarchy this week.. lol --> EDWICK .. but this is some new shit.. Publisher THQ, sent the Queen a gold-plated Nintendo Wii.. like that bitch aint playin no fucking Wii.. first of all.. second.. the fuck she need a gold one for, I guess since shes the queen its gotta be extra super(say this one slowly) OSTENTATIOUS.. lol.. thats white for WhatTheFuckNIgga.. I expect that nigga Pharrell and all other dickeaters to have replicas in the coming weeks.. no worries.

Light uP The Streets

I've been steady tryna get on my art shit.. like I've been on the MuseumOfModernArts twitter everyday, and I been reading about different artists from our generation.. pretty sick.. the reason for all that will be revealed soon.. but I stumbled on this chick Judith Supine from New York.. I would havata say her work is like a mix between Banksy and Acid lol.. But seriously just as affective and out there as Banksy, but her style and color are soo trippy.. she uses some kind of highlighter paint or some shit, its intense.. I wish I was more knowledgeable with my art vocabulary.. but I'm not soo fucking tite, crazy and trippy will be the best adjective imma be able to throw at you for now.. gotta work on that.. fa sho.. fuck wit it tho.. if your in New York and see her shit somewhere send me the pic for sure.


Music Is Forever Changed

Today I give you a change in history..lol.. but seriously:
Everybody needs to watch this.. The future of the music business, and basically all aspects of music, other than creation, will be changed... QTrax will officially make all music downloads free legally!.. honestly fucking crazy.. they are gunna even make concert live on the internet!.. soo yea.. i gotta say.. my home girl Jesse akak miss LA..lol over at HighValleyEnt. put me on.. soo yea.. everybody needs to watch this video, and start making that transition.. Supppeer brud!

Join The Entourage

Now if I didnt fuck wit Entourage, soo hard.. i prollli wuldnt fuck wit Adrian Grenier.. cuz he ususally looks like a dickhead, and Idunno he's nothing like Vinny.. lmao.. but that being said, his one positive attribute is he's a huge eco dude.. One time me and young Ratatouille aka Alex Jacke lol.. saw this nigga whippin a beat up prius.. and yea he was pushin like it wasnt shit.. haha.. soo i fuck wit him for that.. and now hes taking a big step towards gettin people concious about being eco-friendly.. Adrian Grenier is designing an iPhone app to help peopel make eco-friendly shoppign decisions. He is doing thsi in conjunction with ShopySavy(same people that made that app so you could scan the barcode and see if that item is cheaper soemwhere else).. so its lookin like it will be really legit..
And think this app coudl really change the world, cuz now its really only a push away to make better decisions for your enviorment.. You gotta fuck wit that.


Theres Somethin In The Air

Air pollution has long been a fact of life in Spanish cities, but scientists now say it is not just smog that chokes people as they walk to work or stroll through the park. A new study has found the air in Madrid and Barcelona is also laced with at least five drugs — most prominently cocaine.

The Superior Council of Scientific Investigations, a government institute, said on its Web site Thursday that in addition to cocaine, they found trace amounts of amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids and lysergic acid _a relative of LSD — in two air-quality control stations, one in each cities.

But it said there was no reason for alarm.

"Not even if we lived for a thousand years would we consume the equivalent of a dose of cocaine by breathing this air," scientist Miren Lopez de Alda said in a statement.

The scientific group stressed that "in no case should these levels be considered representative of the air in the two cities." It said the tests were done in areas where drugs were likely to be consumed.

Figure That One Out By Yourself, Sherlock

sickWarner Bros has released the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. The film stars Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock, Jude Law co-stars as Dr. John Watson, Rachel McAdams plays Holmes’ love-interest, “the deceptive” Irene Adler. And Mark Strong plays the film’s villain Lord Blackwood, an industrialist who “holds sway over a cult of dark-arts practitioners and claims to possess supernatural powers, is linked to a series of murders.
I heard its gunna be Pirates of the Caribeans ish.. with the comedic undertoens n shit with the action.. should be brud.. i always fucked wit sherlock, never read the books.. bu the cartoon was chill.. and its a classic, so you gotta enjoy it.

Keep It Tidy

Our nation takes joy in watching the people at the top fall to the bottom.. and the bastard from the bottom rise to the top.. and repeat...

Well one of the most common signs of a soon to come breakdown of a female social figures career is...the vag shot... up the skirt, no panties, bush on deck... lol.. Which is why this ad by advertising firm, Cavalry out of Australia.. is genius.. its for Brazilian waxing company.. and its clearly influened by the pictorals of our Britney, Lindsay, and Paris'-esque chicas.. i fuck wit it.. i prefer the lady to keep it tidy.. haha

But honestly nothinG is fucking wit RIHANNA'S PIX.. LOL

Heavy On Your Ears, Light On Your Pockets

When it looked like everyone out there is tryna make the quick dollar.. Coldplay said fuck wut everyone is talkin bout... and gave their album out for free to the worldd, even though its not new music.. they are all HD quality live tracks.. soo equally as brud.. Coldplay is on the top 5 sickest bands list for sure, so for them to bless us wit this gift.. i will fuck wit em.. not that I didnt before.. I sued to watch their MTV spotlight shit daily.. one of the best performances I have ever seen.. live or on tv.

Coldplay LeftRight free album download: COLDPLAY

I never noticed how odd their fucking name was till right now.. like typing coldplay and seeing it, idunno its jus a sus word.. coldplay? like the fuck is that.. haha

Pirate on Deck.

It seems like piracy is a huge part of our current culture.. from Pirates in Somalia.. to the Pirate Bay case in Germany.. to drinking Captain morgan till you cant move.. Pirates are really taking over.. lol..
That being the great intro to this news.. artist/producer/weirdo/genius, Danger Mouse(Gnarls Barkely and the Grey Album).. is pirating out his own CD.. His album Dark Night of the Soul, was suppsoed to be out earlier this year under EMI.. but due to constant legal torubles, the LP has been shelfed and Danger Mouse was pretty much fucked.. soo he decided to create a loop-hole for himself..
Instead of waiting for EMI to get their shit together he instead will be putting out the album sold as a "100+ page book" of photographs inspired by the music and taken by David Lynch, and will include a BLANK CD-R to be filled with torrented mp3s. All copies will be clearly labelled:
'For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.'
That shits pretty outlandish ya kno.. cuz there will be absolutely no Jew in EMI that will put up with nay of this nonsense.. lol.. soo lets see hwo this shit plays in the long run.. but from what I;ve heard on the album.. its fucking sick and definitely worth downloading for free..
Dark Night of the Soul is already available to stream for free from NPR.

Man v. Woman

Some shits complicated.
Other shit is simple.
One thing I know, the more buttons the more I get turned on... LMAO

Words From The Wise

Don't quit

When things go wrong as they sometimes will
When the road you're trudging seems all up hill
When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile you have to sigh
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must but don't quit

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver lining of the seeds of doubt
And you can never tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems so far
So stick to the fight when the hardest hit
It̢۪s when things go wrong that you must not quit

-W.J.A. Rowe

I figured I should start throwin in some words of actual wisdom.. considering my thoughts probably dont provoke the greatest amount of thought.. lol.. soo yea.. dont know what we shuld call this.. dailywisdom.. haha.. fuck otuta here.. idunno.. but definitely somethin that will be consistent on this sitee, shit that holds truth.. fa sho.. FuckWitIt